Nicks Resin Model Car Parts

All lights come casted in clear and will need to be cleaned off, before painting with soapy water. I use all of this products on my cars and have great results. Prices can be nogationable.

1950's or 1960's police light with molded in base

Here is a 50's or 60's bubble gum police light with molded in base. $1.00 plus S&H, comes unpainted.

Above is unpainted clear resin.

Below Shows painted version.


Construction or Wrecker light with seperate base.

Perfect for your next Wrecker or Consruction/ Service vehicle. Comes as 2 peices Base and light lense. $1.00 plus S&H.

Above shows the two peices.

Below shows what it will look like when assembled.


Square foglights

These are perfect for your next offroad project. Tired of those old round ones than these are perfect. $1.50 plus S&H